Stainless steel Chimney Systems

Earn gas or liquid fuel chimneys to meet the heating needs of the building (kcal / h) hour calories on the building’s height proportional to the used fuel type and boiler by the mode of operation (atmospheric blown burner, without pressure against solid fuel) is calculated diameter. performing in the production of single-walled buildings on the anchor, friction speed as double-walled building from the outside is done by minimizing the mount. drain connection of each chimney must be connected to the drain. As a result of acidic condensation occurs in the chimney flue exit out of the water if the parser significant damage to the building’s concrete structure for the feature to have. It must be minimized for sealing it. horizontal boiler flue connection in the back and then held a ground line as necessary in EPDK’s specifications and is mandatory. This would not cause any harm to natural phenomena such as lightning from the chromium and chimney will be transferred directly in the ground without coming into contact with fuel.

Single -walled Stainless Steel Chimney:

Corrosion, fire resistant to acid waste and bodies are made of high quality stainless steel .

Double Wall Stainless Steel Chimney:

Internal wall corrosion , acid waste and institutions with high quality stainless steel resistant to fire , the outer wall ; ambient impact resistant, water-tight high-grade stainless steel is manufactured from aluminum or galvanized steel . Insulation; Wire Mesh is made with high density rockwool .

Standard Diameters (mm):

Ø100 – Ø125 – Ø150 – Ø175 – Ø200 – Ø250 – Ø300 – Ø350 – Ø550 – Ø600 – Ø700 – Ø800